Shweta is such a calm and peaceful teacher. She has such patience and individually helps each person to make sure they are correctly positioned and aligned . I really enjoy my lunchtime Yoga and am pleased to be able to continue, even after a short break I have found it very easy to fit back into her welcoming class.

Tracy Dommett

Love Shweta s pilates classes. Highly recommending

Nagihan Elmas Seymour

I highly recommend Shweta classes. She is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable. Her patience is unending and she offers different options for varying levels of abilities. My flexibility and health have improved immensely in the time I have attended classes. The seamless way she has converted to online classes for me to continue in my own home has been fantastic. Thank you Shweta. Julie

Julie Dolton

Shweta has been teaching me yoga and pilates for the last year and it’s been amazing! Not only have I become more flexible and have less back ache but I feel great from a mental perspective, becoming more mindful and learning to stop and relax in this fast world. The only reason I’ve had to temporarily stop is because I’m having twins, but I’ll be back next year. During my pregnancy, Shweta undertook training on how to teach yoga/pilates for pregnant women and advised me on what alternative movements I could do so I could still keep attending and prepare for birth – she has been amazing and would highly recommend her!

Harley Capewell

An incredible teacher – I have learnt so much from her and come away from her classes feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually so much better. Her classes are well varied with positional options for different individuals’ needs. She’s great at demonstrating and explaining what to do, and balances the level of feedback to ensure we are all confident in what we’re doing without feeling singled out if we’re having a bad day! For me, her classes have been a lifeline and a source of personal growth and resilience. Very grateful…

Cherry Sterne

Shweta’s a brilliant teacher! I always enjoy her classes and feel so much better at the end of them – stretched and relaxed.

Rosie Tamkin

I look forward to my class with Shweta every week. Her yoga classes are the perfect blend of strength, stretch and relaxation. I always feel calm and relaxed at the end of the session. The perfect way to de-stress!

Helen Rendall

Shweta is a fabulous teacher, she came to our wellbeing day and took two yoga sessions. Everyone raved about what an excellent teacher she is, and how much they had enjoyed the lovely yoga sessions in the middle of their working day! Thank you Shweta!

Grace Bench

Shweta is a great teacher. She’s clearly an expert practioner, and demonstrates each position superbly. She offers choices for both advanced and beginners. I leave each class with my body feeling really refreshed and my mind very calm and relaxed. Highly recommend

Jane Walton

Shweta is a super teacher. These classes are perfect for a range of abilities and especially good if returning to yoga (like me) or worried about doing the positions correctly. It is a very welcoming atmosphere.

Fiona Bell

I can not recommend Shweta highly enough. Her Yoga feels completely authentic and I find it almost a spiritual experience during relaxation at the end of the session. The sessions flow beautifully and she has a wonderfuI deep soft voice which adds to the experience. I have also just taken my first pilates class which was also excellent. As a fitness enthusiast I though I might be a little bored, but far from it. Yoga with Shweta is one of the main highlights of my week!


Very professional & motivational teacher. Pays close attention to all in her classes & gives individual tips to ensure correct positions, breathing etc.

Started with Shweta to help manage lower back discomfort due to my running. Now enjoy her Yoga or Pilates a min of twice a week & have found this a success in terms of my back and general wellbeing.

Louise Lees

Love this lady. Very professional and knowledgable. Gives options to while instructing Pilate so makes it easier for beginners


Everyone should try this class! Shweta is an experienced instructor with a most pleasant manner.
She caters to all levels of ability and guides you brilliantly through the Pilates moves…a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Sarah Harrison

My wife and I have been attending Shweta’s pilates classes for some time now. She is highly qualified and an excellent instructor for all ages and fitness levels. Give her classes a try and you will see for yourself!!

Doug D’Abate

Schweta is a wonderful teacher. No matter what your level, you will always be supported and challenged in her classes. Fun and enjoyable.

Jose Penrose

What a wonderful lady! The class is very friendly and welcoming. Shweta always provides different options to encourage us. She’s professional, knowledgeable and motivational. I look forward to coming every week! Would definitely recommend it 🙂

Archana Swali

Shweta runs a very friendly, enjoyable and well managed yoga class. There are always choices or options to ensure attendees of all levels have something to stretch for. Going to these classes for the last 6 months has greatly improved my core strength, balance, posture and alignment. Try it for yourself!

Paul Seabrook

A great class. Shweta offers a class for beginners or advanced, advising different levels of stretches and poses throughout the class. She is always happy to adapt, advise and correct to make sure posture is safe. The class is open to one and all and is attended by people with a range of ages and techniques, which makes it refreshing, comfortable and welcoming.

Rebecca Jones