Wellness Retreat/Workshop on Sunday Feb 28th 7pm-9:30pm

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Live online Yoga & Pilates classes

Interactive classes for all abilities

Beginners Welcome

All the classes are suitable for all levels, beginners are welcome!
I make sure to provide different options for varying levels of abilities to suit each participants personal preferences. Due to the current circumstances, all classes have moved online but I still make sure to check all my class members’ alignment and posture.

Live Online Classes Schedule


To book a class or for further enquiries, email: karmayogapilates@outlook.com


Pay as You Go

£6 per class, Yoga or Pilates

Block Booking

£30 for 6 classes*, Yoga or Pilates

*Just £5 per class

Wellness Workshop for Body and Mind on Sunday 28th February                                              Date & Time : Sunday 28th Feb. 7pm – 9.30pm (via Zoom).                                                       Tutors:  Shweta Marwaha & AlisonThorogood
​                        Cost : £30 pp or £50 for 2 tickets ​

YOU deserve a break!

Feeling overwhelmed, run down, uninspired and just generally out of sorts right now?
We’d love you to join us for a light hearted, interactive wellness workshop. We’ll provide an insight into how the mind and body are interconnected and how our innate habits impact our overall wellness, providing some practical tips for you to take away. This will be followed by a gentle Yoga practice leading into a Yoga Nidra meditation to bring you complete relaxation, all in the comfort of your own home. During the workshop, we’ll explore how our actions and habits contribute to various elements of our overall wellness (i.e. mental health, digestive health, sleep, diet, rest & relaxation). We’ll share some tips that are totally relevant to you as an individual, small changes, easy to implement yet making a big difference.
The Practice of Yoga and Yoga Nidra helps us unite our physical efforts with a mental intention so that we can access a deeper mind-body connection more often throughout our daily life. These two practices have innumerable benefits which include; reduced stress, more energy, better sleep, improved muscle strength, more flexibility, better immune system, weight reduction and a greater ease of calm and clarity.                                                                  

For more information or to reserve your place and receive the Zoom link, please contact:
Shweta – Yoga,Pilates &  Mindfulness Teacher (karmayogapilates@outlook.com)
Alison – Holistic Lifestyle Coach: (alisonthorogood@gmail.com)

Why not invite a friend or loved one? Book 2 places (same or different household) at a discounted rate of £50 for 2!

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