I have always been interested yoga from young age. I used to work as a Financial Analyst in a multinational firm but always felt there was something missing. After having my first son in 2003, I started practicing yoga at home regularly and found that missing link! Yoga feels a part of me, natural to me.

I qualified as Body Balance instructor in 2007, where the main emphasis is on yoga. I have been teaching Body Balance since last 10 years.
I then qualified as Level III Pilates teacher in 2009.
After birth of my second son, I qualified as Yoga teacher and have been teaching since.

I am a REPS Level III instructor with full public liability insurance.

I regularly participate in various yoga workshops, especially at Sivananda centre. I firmly believe in overall philosophy of yoga which is not limited just to the physical aspect, Asanas. The main philosophy of yoga is simple – mind, body and spirit are one and cannot be separated. Following this, I practice breathing exercises (Pranayama) and Vedic Meditation each day, along with Asanas practice each day. I teach my classes based on this principle

I believe Yoga is a ever learning curve. I am learning and discovering new things about Yoga and myself everyday!
Yoga is my passion and I like to share this passion with others !

Namaste :)🙂


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