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At Karma Yoga and Pilates, we are dedicated to promoting physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Our passionate team of experienced instructors is committed to helping individuals of all levels strengthen their bodies, find inner peace, and enhance their overall well-being. Step into our serene and welcoming space and embark on a transformative journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life.


I have always been interested in yoga and spirituality from a young age. While working as a Financial Analyst in a multinational firm, I always felt there was something missing. After having my older son in 2003, I started practicing yoga at home regularly and found the missing link! Yoga feels like a part of me, natural to me.

I qualified as Body Balance instructor in 2007, where the main emphasis is on yoga. I have been teaching Body Balance since then.
After the birth of my second son, I qualified as a Yoga teacher and have been teaching since. The positive transformation I noticed, both physically and mentally, since starting my yoga practice has been amazing and makes me more dedicated to my yoga practice.

Always a student myself, I regularly participate in various yoga workshops, especially at the Sivananda centre. I firmly believe in the overall philosophy of yoga which is not limited just to the physical aspect, Asanas. The main philosophy of yoga is simple – mind, body and spirit are one and cannot be separated. Following this, I practice breathing exercises (Pranayama) and Meditation each day, along with Asanas practice. I teach my classes based on the main principle of yoga (the unity of mind, body and spirit) and encourage my students to move mindfully, deeply and freely into their bodies bringing mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony and working as one. In my classes, my students are my priority and I make sure while working on themselves they have fun as well!

I believe Yoga is an ever learning curve. I am learning and discovering new things about Yoga and myself everyday!
Yoga is my passion and I like to share this passion with others !

Namaste :)


I came to pilates during my first pregnancy, when I started having intense lower back pain. After giving birth, my back pain became quite intense. To get to the root of the problem, I went for lots of scans and physio sessions and everything came to same conclusion that there was nothing anatomically wrong except for a small degree of Lordosis (excessive lower back curve).
Once I started Pilates, I noticed the difference quickly – not just reduced back pain, but overall better posture and alignment which I saw just after a few sessions! After some research and talking to friends and fellow classmates, I found how common back pain was and how much Pilates can help with it!
I decided to learn this discipline and studied an in-depth course which included specific back pain rehabilitation exercises as well. I have been teaching Pilates since 2009.

I teach every class with my class members as priority and try to encourage them for self exploration and guide them to take their practice to next level.

I am a REPS Level III instructor with full public liability insurance.


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